We do amazing things!

To make things run Smoothly we know how to do proper advertisment, arranging your stores and items to be disposed of in such a way that we get the maximum price you need. At the time of inspection we make proper arangments, and if the organisation agrees all the arrangments like warehouse, labour for shifting is made by us so that your work load get decresed


Auction and Procurement Services

For Manual Auctions, our team is alaways ready to support you with cashier arrangments and collecting EMD, TAXES, from the bidders.Verification Of Bidders is Our responsibility. For E-auctions/tenders Our servers are secure and fast enough to handle maximum parallel load, other than that our IT-Team will always support you, when ever needed

Our Procurement Services are Ready and we are giving various Companies Free Trials if they want.Our GUI is perfect and has been developed for the Ease of every one.


Creative Design

GUI Designed by us is perfect in its own way.Bidder will Never miss when he is outBid, and Our Team has made Bidding easy for him, Easier than Ever.


Our E-auction Software has been developed in such a way that in can be changed as per the need of organisation,No of auto extensions, time of auto extensions, all are flexible.

Pixel Perfect

Our software is developed for cross platform, Use it on phone, laptop, pc or any device, it will work flawless.

Customer Support

Our Team will always Support YOu When ever Needed.